The following links include .pdf files (if available/licensed) as well as links for selected open source materials and publications required for most OBXi courses. In many cases, ordering a physical copy from a reputable publisher is less expensive than printing and packaging the item yourself.

Please refer to your course syllabus for required materials for each class or briefing. Electronic copies of training materials are distributed at no cost to the student. However, ALL classes/briefings require a PHYSICAL copy of the required training materials.

RES (Restricted/Sensitive) files are only distributed to registered students/attendees for specific courses/briefings.


OBXI-CS-1  Ted Kaczynski, TTP Analysis (2014) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-2  Timothy McVeigh, TTP/Exploit Analysis (2014) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-3  Eric Rudolf, TTP Analysis  (2014) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-4  Nidal Hasan, TTP Analysis (2014) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-5  Anders Breivik, TTP/Exploit Analysis (2014) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-6  Christopher Dorner, TTP/Exploit Analysis (2014) (RES) PDF
OBXi-CS-7  Jared Lee Loughner, TTP Analysis (2015) (RES)  PDF
OBXi-CS-8  Eric Frein, TTP Analysis (2015) (RES)  PDF


OBXi-INV-1  FM 2-22.3 Human Intelligence Collector Operations (2006)  PDF  AMZ


OBXi-INT-1  STP 31-18F4-SM-TG SF ASST Operations and Intelligence Sergeant Level 4 PDF AMZ


OBXi-M-1  Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (2001)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-2  Wilderness Medicine (2011)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-3  Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine (2013)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-4  Improvised Medicine: Providing Care in Extreme Environments  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-5  PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support: Military Ed.  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-6  68W Advance Field Craft: Combat Medic Skills  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-7  Where There is No Doctor (2013)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-8  Where There is No Dentist (2012)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-9  The Merck Manual (2011)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-10  Human Anatomy and Physiology (2015)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-M-11  OBXi Mountain Medical Course Handbook (2015)  PDF  AMZ


OBXi-ITS-1  Green Eyes and Black Rifles (2008)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-ITS-2  Stay in the Fight! Warriors Guide to Combat Pistol (2011)  PDF  AMZ


OBXi-WS-1  STP 21-1-SMCT Warrior Skills Level 1 (2007)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-WS-2  STP 21-1-SMCT Warrior Skills Level 1 (2012)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-WS-3  STP 21-24-SMCT Warrior Skills Levels 2, 3, 4 (2008)  PDF  AMZ

OBXi-WS-4  SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook (2006)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-WS-5  SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook (2011)  PDF  AMZ

OBXi-WS-6  FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (2001)  PDF  AMZ
OBXi-WS-7  FM 7-8 (FM 3-21.8) Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (2007)  PDF  AMZ

OBXi-WS-8  FM 7-92 Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon and Squad (2001)  PDF  AMZ

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